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Red Herring Grabba’s one of the strongest leaves available. Although, this leaf’s traditionally used to make chewing tobacco, snuff and pipe blends. Red Herring is most popular for blending with your marijuana spliff.

Nice and dry for all your smoking needs. Roll as many blunts as you like, or break it up and mix it in with your flower of choice. We’re not here to tell you how to use it, we’ve just got it to provide for you.

Grabba originally comes from the Fronto tobacco leaf, and is popular among Jamaicans and other Caribbeans. The leaf, when dried and cured, is easy to roll and releases a flavourful smoke when it’s burned. The Fronto leaf is also sometimes called ‘Fanta’, so whether you smoke Fronto, Fanta, or Grabba, it’s all the same shit. Typically, Fronto is used to refer to the full leaf, while Grabba refers to the broken-down form of the leaf that can be smoked alone or used to enhance the experience of other smokable substances. Most of the time, that’s probably gonna be weed.

Grabba is the most popular form of the leaf here in Toronto. It’s the perfect size to break it up and smoke or roll with. Full Fronto leaves require extra prep to use (unless you plan to smoke a MONSTER blunt), and usually don’t roll as nice as the smaller leaves. When the leaf is too thick, the blunt won’t be able to burn very well, and then you might have to redo it.

We do our best to keep Grabba in stock, so we’ll always have it when you need it.


  1. Peter

    feels good man. good escape thoughts more accessible to help relieve stress.

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